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The Solo Nutrition brand of vitamins and minerals was founded in 1999 by Nigel Grosse using his 20 years’ experience. Nigel came into the natural products industry in 1980 working for a small vitamin/herbal company, (Power Health), specialising in the food supplement side of the natural products industry.

After gaining a number of years’ experience and expertise, Nigel joined Solgar Vitamins as one of their first recruits in 1989. He gained a vast array of knowledge in manufacturing and the production side of the business with Solgar. Nigel was commissioned to start two companies; Vega Nutritionals and Kudos Vitamins. This experience was invaluable when Nigel started Solo Nutrition – quality, purity, never compromised, never equalled.

At Solo Nutrition a professional dedicated company which prides itself in providing the most innovative and effective products that are beneficial in all phases of adult life. We only use the finest quality raw materials in our range of products to ensure that they meet our consumers’ nutritional requirements.

Our vegetarian, two-piece capsules contain only the pure actives without any unappetising fillers or binders. Where possible we use organic material. This is why our products digest and absorb more efficiently. We use ingredients that will absorb the nutrients to the best effect.

Our superior formulations are based on extensive research in nutritional science and their purity and potency are guaranteed. Solo Nutrition support and work closely with independent health food stores, who can advise on the correct nutritional advice to suit you.

This brief information is intended for guidance only and if you are in any doubt about taking a food supplement, you should first consult your healthcare practitioner or dietician.

Environmentally friendly

All our bottles and over-sleeves can be recycled. They are made of polylactic acid (PLA), a compostable plant-based material. This material can be placed in garden compost. 

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