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the benefits of women's multivitamins

The benefits of women’s multivitamins

Women undergo significant hormonal changes at each major stage of their life – the onset of menstruation is the first such stage, then the cessation of menses, or menopause.  Post-menopausal women also undergo hormonal change, and each upheaval places different demands on the body.  Rather than take a variety of different supplements for different requirements, women of all ages can now take just women’s multivitamin – especially designed to meet the needs of all women, whatever milestone they’ve reached. Women’s Multi is a high potency formula containing not only vitamins and minerals but herbs which are known to assist fluctuating hormonal levels.  This formula contains B6, magnesium and iron, nutrients which are especially important to women of all ages. Vitamin B6 is taken traditionally to help alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and other menstrual difficulties.  The contraceptive pill reduces levels so women who take it may benefit from extra supplementation.  Vitamin B6 also increases the bioavailability of magnesium.

Magnesium not only helps with menstrual problems; it assists calcium absorption in bones.  Because it is involved in the contraction and relaxation of muscle, it is thought beneficial for bladder control problems in women.  Other minerals in Women’s Multi include iron, important because it is part of haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells. Women with heavy menstruation may require extra iron.

Soya isoflavones can help balance oestrogen activity, increasing levels when they are too low or lowering levels which are too high.  Similarly, the herbs, Ashwagandha Root, Red Clover and Sage help the body carry out the important balancing act between oestrogen and progesterone.  All these nutrients are combined in Women’s Multi with vitamins and minerals, plus digestive factors to improve absorption.

Just two veggie capsules a day are needed to help balance female hormones throughout life and provide broad-spectrum nutritional support.

We understand that many women may need extra vitamin B6, magnesium and iron along with other vital nutrients to support changes in hormonal activity, Solo Nutrition’s Women’s Multivitamin can help.

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