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Understanding herbal products

Understanding herbal products

Why is understanding herbal products, it’s extracts and raw herbs are so important.

Herbalists prefer to use extracts and the raw herb together in a single use.

The extracts are produced from the whole herb material.

At Solo we believe that the benefits of standardised extracts with the raw herb together is because:

  1. Extracts are usually soluble and therefore easily absorbed, along with the raw herb.
  2. Highly concentrated.
  3. Extracts contain guaranteed levels of active ingredients in every capsule.
  4. The extraction process breaks down the plant cell walls, this then releases the active ingredients.

Reliable consistent strengths guaranteed.

The manufacturing process to produce 40mg extract of Ginkgo Biloba.

Phase 1

10g Fresh Leaves are made up of 75% water the first process is drying.

Phase 2

2.5g dried leaves consists mainly of fibre and sugars with small amounts of mainly the active active compounds.

Phase 3

40mg extract. The herb extract now contains mainly the active compounds.

Extract ratio / weight 50:1 means 40mg x 50 = 2000mg of whole herb equivalent.
Extract ratio / weight 50:1 means 100mg x 50 = 5000mg of whole herb equivalent.

Ratio means a herbal product containing 100mg at a 4:1 concentration indicates that
400mg of the herb was used to produce the 100mg contained in the capsule.

Extracts mean you get the plants active components without digesting large amounts of plant material.

We hope you now have a better understanding of herbal products.

Solo Nutrition vitamin supplements are formulated to a very high standard, they will absorb to the maximum level possible.

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