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How important are the bacteria in our intestines

How important are the bacteria in our intestines?

We have around 40 trillion bacteria in and on our bodies, most of these can be found in our intestines, they are very beneficial for our health and science is starting to show how important the bacteria in our intestines are. All these bacteria are starting to be referred to as our gut Microbiome or Microbiota.

The types and numbers of bacteria is constantly changing, there are good bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and bad bacteria like Enterobacteriaceae that are constantly competing against each other for food and space.

Our lifestyles have a big effect on the number and types of bacteria. Our diet is very important the wider the range of foods we eat, especially fruits, vegetable and high fibre foods increases the numbers and types of bacteria. Unfortunately, in the UK we eat a lot of processed, sugar rich foods and these tend to reduce the numbers and types of bacteria found.

Stress also play a big part in the health of our digestive systems, stress has a negative effect on our Microbiome.

Many people now find taking a daily supplement of friendly bacteria very helpful. A daily supplement helps top up the numbers of good bacteria, however most supplements available do not contain a wide range of bacteria. We have work very closely with nutritional biochemists to develop a unique high strength (50 Billion) supplement containing 22 different strains of friendly bacteria plus prebiotics, inulin and psyllium husks. Each daily capsule contains 50 billion “good bacteria”, which is up to 5 times more than a typical micro-biotic drink.

To get to the intestine bacteria have to survive stomach acid and bile in order to arrive in the intestine which is my we have used specially developed delayed release capsules which dissolve lower down the digestive system make sure they arrive in the intestine in good condition.

We do not stop there we have also added two different sources of fibre Inulin and Psyllium husk which provide good bacteria with their favourite food to help them grow and compete with bad bacteria.

Solo Nutrition’s extra high potency FloraFifty contains a total of 50 billion live ‘friendly’ bacteria, consisting of 22 different strains plus the prebiotic fibres inulin and psyllium husks.

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