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Diseases begin in the gut

HIPPOCRATES (Greek Physician of the 5th century BC) the father of medicine, maintained that all diseases begin in the gut.

The gut is the gateway to your body, the place where food is broken down into molecules, absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed to cells after waste products have been identified and eliminated. If this highly sophisticated system starts to malfunction, we see, feel, hear and smell the effects all to well.

It is possible for the gut to influence mental health. One of the most important supplements to take is FloraFifty. Probiotics are friendly micro-organisms, which promote optimal digestion and protect the intestinal tract from microbial and parasitic attack.

Billions of bacteria, more than 500 species, inhabit the healthy human gut and form a vital part of our immune system- they make vitamins, produce ammunition against unfriendly organisms and keep our gut membranes in good condition. Imbalances in bacterial flora in which opportunistic microbes start to dominate can produce toxic substances capable of infiltrating the blood stream via a “leaky gut” and quite literally poison the body. Brain chemistry is known to be particularly sensitive to toxins, with various nutritional deficiencies that can have severe consequences on the body.

FloraFifty may promote good gut health, as diseases begin in the gut.

Solo Nutrition’s extra high potency FloraFifty contains a total of 50 billion live ‘friendly’ bacteria, consisting of 22 different strains plus the prebiotic fibres inulin and psyllium husks.

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