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Chromium’s impact on the body

Chromium’s impact on the body is substantial, it is needed for energy, helps maintain blood sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings and more.

Chromium Deficiencies:

Glucose intolerance

Chromium Benefits:

Chromium (sometimes also called glucose tolerance factor or GTF) is needed for energy. Through the proper utilisation of insulin, it maintains stable blood sugar levels, reducing sugar cravings and can be helpful for people with hyperglycaemia and diabetes. During pregnancy the developing foetus can increase the demand for this mineral.
A loss of chromium in the body occurs when high quantities of sugar are taken in the diet. The intake of chromium can result in an increase in lean muscle tissue and loss of fat. To further enhance this product we have added Vitamin C, B6 and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Sources of Chromium:

Beer, brewers’ yeast, brown rice, cheese, meat, corn, dairy products, mushrooms and potatoes.

With today’s processing standards these foods can be depleted in vitamins. Supplementing your diet is a more reliable way of ensuring your body obtains a guaranteed amount of this nutrient. Chromium can be found in Vegetarian capsules with no additives, just the pure natural ingredients. This will ensure your body obtains the recommended daily allowance of this nutrient in a convenient capsule, which is easily absorbed. and maximises Chromium’s impact on the body.

Chromium Complex with vitamin C, B6 and Alpha Lipoic Acid provides an essential trace mineral required by the body for sugar to metabolism.

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