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The truth about Vitamins.

The truth about Vitamins

The body needs a regular supply of vitamins and minerals to keep working efficiently.

Not all nutrients are stored. If the body needs certain nutrients then supplementing can help maintain your health at an optimal level.

Taking vitamins and minerals is not a ‘quick fix’ we recommend you take for 2/3 months to see the benefits.

Supplements cannot replace a healthy diet; “there are many situations where a supplement may be a benefit to health”.

Most people have different nutritional needs as our needs change throughout our life. Busy, stressful lifestyles, skipping meals, dieting, smoking, drinking alcohol can all place an increased demand for certain vitamins and minerals.

Nutrients sometimes are difficult to obtain in regular adequate amounts from our food. Food supplements are then positively recommended for those times in our lives, such as a pregnant woman, planning a family, breastfeeding mothers, young children and the elderly.

No single food contains the perfect mix of nutrients you do need that’s why we need a wide variety of different foods.

Solo Nutrition vitamin supplements are formulated to a very high standard, they will absorb to the maximum level possible

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