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Super Digestive Enzymes II

Solo Nutrition’s Super Digestive Enzymes II has been created using digestive enzymes to help maintain a healthy digestive system. The main families of digestive enzymes are amylase, which digests carbohydrates and starch, protease, which digest protein, and lipase, which digest fats/oils.

Super Digestive Enzymes II contains these enzymes plus, bromelain and papain, found in pineapples and unripe papayas. Solo has added, lactase, sucrase, cellulase and maltase to give a complete digestive complex. Low stomach acid may be a cause of indigestion. Being overweight, pregnant or a smoker weakens our ability to produce stomach acids, which break down our food. Certain foods, drinks, or stress may disrupt the action of the stomach and the intestines necessary for digestion.

Try not talking or drinking fluids while eating, which causes air to be swallowed, this leads to bloating/gas and indigestion. Try eating ‘little and often’ to minimise the production of stomach acids. Super Enzymes, taken while eating, or after meals, will help break down food and help aid digestion.

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